Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tank Girl

This is some animation I did at Natterjack Animation for the Warner Bros Movie "Tank Girl" a number of  years back. Not surprisingly, it's a touching tale of a girl and her tank.


michiel said...

That's some fun looking animation andy ^^,

el pancake said...

hey Clambake, the whole world has abandoned blogs and we're over at Facebook having a hoot and a howl playing Guess The Movie ..you have to draw a scene from a film (from memory) in under 5 minutes...(it keeps us off the streets)...why dont you and your nasally endowed buddy come join in the fun?

Desiree said...

Look at you blogging away!
I'm so behind :( I need to get ma rear in gear!
Love this animation by the way - lots of crazy stuff going on!
Hope all is well!