Tuesday, May 11, 2010

bouncing penguin

I'm told by very important people that I must blog... so here's another instructor example, this time for the "bouncing penguin" assignment.


XENöSIS said...

Nice! Has stumpy santa been replaced?

Desiree Cassidy said...

I think I'm in love (bestiality aside) ! He is adorable! Love the squash and stretch and overlapping action!

What are you animating and painting these with?

Next assignment... Girl on trampoline :)

Sho said...

Hi Andy , great works~! Howz it going ? Hope all is well .Long time no see :)

Andy Bartlett said...

XEN - Nah, this is for yet another school. Stumpy Santa lives at the opposite pole.

Andy Bartlett said...

Hey Desiree - I'm animating on (shudder) paper, but coloring in P-shop and putting it together in AfterFX.

I'll let you see the girl on the trampoline assignment when you're old enough.

Andy Bartlett said...


Long time no Sho!

Great to hear from you as always. LOVE your website, (especially the spicy parts).

Stay in e-touch