Tuesday, March 23, 2010

scaredy cat

This example scene of a "cat with a mullet" is for a reaction assignment at school. No actual cats were scared in the making, (though I'll admit that one calico was looked at quite sternly).


el pancake said...

glad to see you're finally back amongst the living (dead)...when are you and your little bulbous nosed pal going to quit shilling for the Conservative Party and come to town for a visit?

Andy Bartlett said...

Hey, when are you coming out this way? If you ever got a few blocks left of Spadina you'd find the west isn't all Nascar & bibles, (though your type could certainly use a few thumps from the Iron Lady's handbag).

el pancake said...

left of Spadina?...you mean Oakville (which had the highest per capita voting FOR the Natural Law Party in all of Canada)??