Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nick Blob in 3D

Sorry - it's a bit blurry. This was done for International Rocketship for a 3D show for Nickelodeon, (you'll need your 3D glasses for the full effect, kids). It also came in handy for inbetweening assignments. I did the designs, story & animation in the middle. The late, great Paul Boyd did the animation for the beginning & end.


Desiree Cassidy said...

Go Andy!
You get a cookie! :)

If you have any more 3D stuff you've been working on you should post it, could use some inspiration!

Andy Bartlett said...

goody. Next time I'll post something you can actually see, (once I figure out this technology thing people are using).

Jeeeem said...

Hey Andy
Thanks for posting this. I did the compositing on this job and havn't seen it since. It's seems so long ago now.

Andy Bartlett said...

Hey Jim

It was a long time ago - back in the era of proactive synergy.